Koenigsegg’s development Regera has just started doing its shakedown runs, and while she will be on display, she won’t run up the hill this weekend at Goodwood. Don’t worry, the One:1 will.

Lord March has this thing coming up called the Festival of Speed, and while there’s nothing we would like to see more at anger than a 1,500 horsepower 248 mph supercar that doesn’t have a gearbox, the Regera only goes to production next year and is simply not ready yet to show off its muscles.

No matter. I’m sure we will see the Regera on the move before ending up on Michelin’s stand, and in the meantime, Christian von Koenigsegg is getting closer and closer to production after shocking everybody at the Geneva Motor Show in March. A second car is being made right now which will be used for crash tests, and deliveries shall start next year if no fly ends up in the soup.

Do you have $1.9 million to spend on a very nice car?



Also, I’m getting a ride in said One:1. It will be mega!

Photo credit: Koenigsegg


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