The Klassen Viano Is An Über Lux Mercedes Private Jet For The Road

The Becker Auto Design JetVan is certainly a masterpiece of luxury. The kind of luxury that would give you endless possibilities. But is it motorized shot glass possibilities? Is it turning, twisting espresso machine possibilities? The Klassen Viano is both of those possibilities, and more, because stretch van.


Stretch van?

Stretch van.


Ridiculously stretch van.

Pretty much everything in Klassen's Mercedes Viano-based limousine is motorized and controlled by what looks like a bit of a complicated iPad app:


Seriously, all of it is motorized, from the champagne flute-holder thingy to the airplane tray table thingy. At least I think that's what those thingies are, I don't really know, because I do not wear the prerequisite Suit Made Entirely Out Of Money to purchase a Klassen Viano.

Seriously, they don't list prices on their website. So if you want to know how much a Klassen Viano costs, just go with "suit made entirely out of money." That should cover it. Or at least a chair of it.


Oh, and just as an aside, check out the biometrically controlled safe, which they just have happened to have stuffed a bunch of $100 bills inside.


What kind of person needs both a ridiculously enormous customized Mercedes van, and a safe stuffed with Benjamins? Guesses go in the comments below. I'll start:

"Raphael Orlove."

Your turn.

Photo credit: Klassen

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