The John Deere 1110D Forwarder Laughs At Your Pickup Truck's Snow Plow

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Not sure what's more impressive; that this John Deere 1110D Forwarder logging rig can blast through a sticky icemud hellscape like nothing, or that somebody calls this trail "a road." Make way for mudplow,y'all.


This vehicle is build for bashing its way into forests, picking up trees, and hauling them off over/around/through whatever terrain it finds. A John Deere 6068 HTJ diesel engine belches out 719 lb-ft of torque at just 1,400 RPM and the whole rig, including rear-mounted log claw, is run by a Windows-based computer system.

The machine is unquestionably a thing of beauty.

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The 1110D doesn't ride on shocks or leaf springs like your truck; it sits on "bogies" which is closer to a railroad suspension system. John Deere says it helps give their Forwarders extreme tractive force over rivers and through the woods, and the setup allows the rig to tuck parts of the suspension right into the wheel rim. Bogies are modular spring-and-pivot systems, explained in-depth in an academic paper by Isao Okamoto which you can read right here.

I just find this beautiful machine absolutely mesmerizing to watch.

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Anti-Star Super-Christ

That looks exactly like a Ponsse Buffalo, which is the same company that makes the incomparable, amazing, Ponsse Scorpion King.