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"We'll tell you what the 2015 Jeep Renegade will cost when we're good and ready, damnit!" was probably what Jeep's reps thought when I pinged them for the hundredth time, but today I had a good excuse— a reader "found" the cute little SUV's price in search results, though we're pretty sure it isn't accurate.

Earlier today a reader discovered that Googling "jeep renegade price" brought up Jeep's own website with "Starting At $18,595 Price as shown $25,895." It still shows up like that as I write this.

But that's the exact same price as the 2014 Jeep Compass, and chances that Google picked up that figure by mistake far outweighs the odds that Jeep would price different vehicles identically.


Jeep's PR people were adamant in maintaining once again "We haven't announced pricing… and won't until much closer to the vehicle launch." I guess that's not a clearcut denial of the $18,595-$25,895 figure, but it certainly seems like a simple mistake since what are the odds that a fully-loaded-as-shown-Jeep Renegade would be thee same price as this random Jeep Compass?

Hat tip to Jeff Rozner!