The Jeep Cherokee XJ: It Just Is

The Jeep Cherokee XJ once the grandson of the SJ Wagoneer is now the grandfather in today's automotive landscape. A bona fide classic, that didn't need a "Trail Rated" badge.

According to Regular Car Reviews, this Cherokee is a relic of a pre-9/11 America which had a sense of humor about itself and didn't force patriotism on its citizens. In their purview it was a simpler, more honest time and the Cherokee reflected that. The Cherokee XJ simply was.


It is "the official car of furrowed brows and steel-cut oats," and it doesn't care what you think of it. It just is. The XJ Cherokee is so nostalgic "Buzzfeed is probably writing an article about it." It is now what the Wagoneer was in the '80s.

I admire the Cherokee XJ's honesty and I'd love to see how the new Cherokee holds up in 15 years.

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