The Jalopnik Top 10 Vintage Ford Mustang TV Commercials

More than any car we've seen, the Mustang has always been marketed as a product that can transform its owner's entire life. A Mustang buyer becomes somebody different, according to Ford.

Ford's marketers seemed to have a special focus on pitching the Mustang's transformative powers to the ladies. A dowdy, lab-coated scientist- no doubt cooking up new varieties of napalm to drop on Charlie Cong- becomes an irresistible man-magnet when she grabs the keys to a new '68 Mustang, while an '81 turns your average Jane into the Queen Of The Club Herpes Discothèque. We've got some good examples of this in our Top Ten Mustang Ads (plus a bonus pair of Mustang siblings to round out the selection).

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