The Jalopnik Morning Shift

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• First Dodge dealers didn't like the commercials being done one way, then the other...maybe they're getting just a wee bit too much influence here. [Detroit News]
• Mark, did you seriously just ask Auto Motor und Sport whether they think Chrysler's a cheap brand? I mean, for real dude, they don't even have Chrysler's across the pond. As soon as they step into one, trust me, they'll know what everyone over here already's a cheap brand. [Freep]
• Hey, check that out — the New York Times says that guy wasn't fired for those Corvette SS photos. Wait, when was that again? I feel like it was such a long time ago. [NYT]
• If I were one of the people getting to touch that award, I'd totally disinfect it first. You don't know where that shit's been. [Freep]
• And oh look, more about how the Germans won't shed a tear at the loss of the Chrysler Group. [Detroit News]


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