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β€’ Aww Nolan, we never knew you cared about real people benefiting from automakers in Metro Detroit! Look at you β€” it's adorable β€” almost like you're becoming all grown-up and stuff. [Detroit News]
β€’ Here in the D, it's pretty icy out there so Matt Helms thinks you shouldn't be a "jerk" while driving today. We happen to think otherwise β€” remember, it's survival of the fittest β€” so feel free to mow down a Cooper with your Suburban, because if not, you'll make baby Darwin cry. [Freep]
β€’ Wait, Jerry Garrett's lecturing the automakers on truthiness? What a novel concept, but shouldn't he be out working for the US Meteorological Service looking for blizzards? [NYT]
β€’ Nissan sets up the new Yokohama office β€” wonder if that'll be moving South too. []

β€’ Neal Rubin hearts the tailgate step of the Ford F-150. We also hear Neal Rubin hearts long walks on the beach. [Detroit News]