The Jalopnik Morning Shift

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• First we wondered why Mark Phelan was writing non-product, then we realized it was an article explaining Wolfgang Bernhard would probably be fired by the end of the day — and we didn't care anymore. [Freep]
• The Urban Wheels awards sound like fun. We mean come on, any time you get a chance to spend four hours with "The Dragon" you really should. [Detroit News]
• Mark Fields gets millions and millions of tax incentives from the State of Michigan. God bless incent's. [Freep]
• Lutz thinks middle-aged Chinese used to check out spy photos of the Buick Riviera? [NYT]
• Become a subway hero, get a Jeep. Give a jeep, get a post in the NYT Wheels blog. [NYT Wheels]

• Come see the softer side of GM. [Detroit News]


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