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ā€¢ Slick Rick's gonna report to the Board today his recommendations on an alliance. Wanna bet what he's gonna say? [Detroit News]
ā€¢ But despite Rick's suggestion ā€” or potential lack of ā€” we hear KirkKerk's got a plan of his own. [Monsters & Critics]
ā€¢ GM-Renault-Nissan may not be, but Mark Phelan's totally jellin'. [Freep]
ā€¢ Wow, BusinessWeek thinks we know the future of auto technology...oh wait, we're the "self-professed car aficionados." We think that's code for "don't know shit." [BusinessWeek]

ā€¢ British parking ticket enforcers will stop at nothing to give you a ticket ā€” even getting workers to paint lines under your car. []
ā€¢ A Delphi bankruptcy agreement in the works? [Monsters & Critics]