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• Ford salaried workers must decide from these choices, what is their quest...? [Freep]
• Wife seeking revenge vandalizes wrong truck. [MSNBC]
• Is Chrysler really an different from GM or Ford? Only if the magic of "Step 2" returns. [NYT]
• Ok, so maybe they didn't want a federal buyout, but they sure as hell won't turn down $20 Billion in federally backed loan guarantees to develop fuel-efficient technologies. What's good for Big Oil should be good for Big Auto. [Detroit News]

• China will replace Germany this year as the #3 largest maker of cars and vans. And the world slowly turns their gaze east. [XINHUA Online]
• The Romanian Morning Shift? [Reuters]
• Is FoMoCo the new Boeing? Umm...does this guy know anything about politics? []