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ā€¢ FoMoCo restructuring to potentially cost a Austin-Powery $9 billion for 2006. [Detroit News]
ā€¢ We reported this on Monday ā€” but it's now officially unofficial ā€” Anne Stevens is leaving Ford to pursue...and with it...all hope of a woman-powered auto corp. in the next half a decade. Yeah! Score another one for the guys, brah! [Freep]
ā€¢ The NY Daily News has something to say to all you gangsters and aspiring Wall Street titans: "We obviously haven't seen any cars other than the Lincoln Town Car in fifteen years ā€” pardon us for our ignorance of what other vehicles may be out there. That is all." [NY Daily News]
ā€¢ And we were wondering where all that cocaine on our trip to Boston came from. []

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