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ā€¢ The General may be offering up bonds for the first time [Bloomberg]
ā€¢ Brother site Gizmodo does the hard gadget liftin' round here by finding us the top five road gadgets. That's good ā€” we're too busy watching the road anyway. [Gizmodo]
ā€¢ FoMoCo to cut 30,000...and on the accelerated plan. [Freep]
ā€¢ Check it out ā€” the Freep's reporting on a website we reported on last month. [Freep]
ā€¢ Chrysler cuts HEMI production ā€” this could be the saddest news we've heard this week ā€” and yesterday was 9/11. [Detroit News]

ā€¢ Want to design a rally car? [CARkeys]