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• GM's all about restating what it's already said. But that is one of the best Rick pics ever. [Detroit News]
• Oh, what a feeling...for ToMoCo to outsell FoMoCo! [Freep]
• Here in America you can be shot for something like this. [Sydney Morning Herald]
• Level Field Institute thinks sucks, needs to get a better grip on what's "American." [Epoch Times]
• Jeremy Clarkson didn't mean anything by using that whole nazi salute. The BBC swears. Scouts honor! Actually, if you listen to the BBC on'll believe Top Gear takes nothing seriously. And that's the way we like it. [BBC]

• FoMoCo's got big plans for the tiny little Focus. [Detroit News]
• Sirius wants to double up on customers in 2006. So does every other company. [Marketwatch]