The Jalopnik Morning Shift

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• FoMoCo's gonna put 600K toy cars in cereal boxes...will they put hybrids in Mueslix and 'stangs in Lucky Charms? [WFRV]
• Oh, what a recall? Toyota's image dented by all these recalls. [Detroit News]
• Helio's still the man. [Freep]
• Prison escapees flag down cop car. Worst prison break ever? [electric new paper]

• FoMoCo wants to get models to market faster. What made them think that? Was it the fact they weren't getting to market at all? [Detroit News]
• Not really car-related, but one of us has to support another member of Gawker's MidWest team, and one of the bloggers of the bestest web site on the net for folks loving the gadgets had an interview last week and you should check it out. [Gizmodo]


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