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• GM earnings announcement today. What's the street say? How about some operating profits and a the same time! Welcome to the magic of earnings. [Freep]
• What's the "Way Forward"? Apparently, it's Anne Stevens and Raj Nair. [Detroit News]
• Wanna drive Queen Elizabeth for the day? Not that you'd have much a choice...she's the friggin' Queen! [Scotsman]
• How many times have we had to tell you? Don't leave your hot car alone. [MSNBC]
• Iran don't want none of them French cars — bans Renault. []

• Former Wheel of Fortune host Adriana Xenides blamed a sneezing attack and sun glare for a peak-hour car crash. [Herald Sun]
• Someone's using fuel cell in their newest car. Too bad it's just a toy. [Platinum today]