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ā€¢ German motorist thinks World Cup is a great time to smack his car into 21 sports fans. [Washington Post]
ā€¢ What makes a car American? Only subjectivity and know for sure. [PR Newswire]
ā€¢ For those people who think stock-car is as Republican as apple pie is American ā€” Dick Cheney popped his cherry yesterday at Daytona. We hear he did a lap in a limo. Seriously. [The Australian]
ā€¢ Herbie, is that you? Vokswagen creates a 150mph car ā€” that drives it itself! []
ā€¢ Chrysler's gotta trim their shit ā€” by like 180 jobs. [Detroit News]

ā€¢ So what role would Renault play at GM? [Freep]