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ā€¢ We the vehicles, of the United States of Automotive ā€” in order to establish a more perfect drivetrain... []
ā€¢ If you can find a cheaper car ā€” go to Canada to buy it. [Globe And Mail]
ā€¢ We've always found it's true ā€” no good deed goes unpunished. [Shanghai Daily]
ā€¢ Today on Martha Stewart we're going to show you how to cook...with your car! [MAKE: Blog]
ā€¢ We know practice makes perfect, but remind us to not be on the road when this woman gets out to practice again. [Washington Post]

ā€¢ And we though divestiture was over with the end of Apartheid. [Moneyweb]
ā€¢ Rain in the forecast ā€” probably not a good day to test your "solar car park." [BBC]