The Jalopnik Morning Shift

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• Ford's makin' a bold move — by not showing a car for 52 seconds in their one-minute ad. We totally thought this was an ad for sports drinks. [internal]
• And the UAW drops a shot across the bow! [Freep]
• Detroit's givin' the big "hang up" to drivers — and by Detroit we actually mean Detroit. [Detroit News]
• "Good morning, my name is Mark Field-stein. We're so inclusive at Ford I didn't feel very much pressured at all to change my name. Oh wait — yes I did." [Detroit News]
• Ok, the first car'll be 50 quid — the second one'll be 60 pounds. [Scotsman]
• George Michael gets off scot-free after Wham-ing that car. [GIGWISE]


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