The Jalopnik Morning Shift

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• Even a parts problem couldn't keep 'em outta the game for long! [Detroit News]
• Visteon's got a new after-market product featuring Game Boy Advance — You know...for kids! [eVisteon]
• Those of you on the Saab and Hummer Death Watch — the General's askin' ya to wait for the whole thing to crumble first. [Detroit News]
• We know government is sometimes s-l-o-w to react, but it's been what — three years with high gas prices? And now they're calling it a "crisis"? Didn't Carter already have one of these? [CNN]
• Bad News: Her car killed her. Good News: At least she's already at the cemetary. [NYT]
• Aww, look — it's adorable! Car Connection's tryin' to be all irreverent like us. You just remember who was blogg-y first when the rest of the MSM decides the future's in funny, k? [The Car Connection]


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