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• That's so cute. We dig it when the MSM gets all irreverent like those crazy bloggers. And nothing says irreverent like the New York Times' s media center takeover at the Javits center last week. We can never get enough self-aggrandizing banners and smug references to "the desk." [NYT]
• We remember those old "Fall into the GAP" commercials, but this is totally ridiculous. [Sydney Morning Herald]
• The News has Cars. We like Cars. [Detroit News]
• FoMoCo wants to build a plant here? In the U.S.? Does this mean the US is the new China? [Detroit News]
• Hehe, silly li'l taglines! [Copyranter]
• We dunno what this Mercedes ad is for, but we're captivated. []
• Talk about culture clash. NASCAR, hush puppies and japanese execs. Frightening. [NYT]


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