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• Volvo and China sittin' in the tree, m-a-n-u-fact-ur-ing. First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the S40 in the baby carriage! [Forbes]
• NASCAR and the "Car of Tomorrow" to begin testing March 27th at Bristol. At least we already know it can't suck worse than the 'Sky Captain' version. [Miami Herald]
• The moose story from Friday just went from funny to the saddest. Moose story. Ever. [South Coast Today]
• Sharing is caring. The UK gets its first car-share lane. [BBC News]
• Just what every true tailgater wants, nay...needs. A portable frying pan. [Gizmodo]
• The last Chevy SSR rolls off of the line at the Lansing Craft Centre. The color of the final truckamino...a two-tone black-on-silver? Sick. [Lansing State Journal]
• Apparently "Detroit" hates America for...its freedom? [The Car Connection]
• Oh wait, it looks like maybe America loves "Detroit" for...its freedom? [Detroit News]
• "Help us Jerry York, you're our only hope." (sub. req.) [WSJ]