Joke if you must, but NASCAR is a legitimate form of racing with a legitimate fan base. That being said, even the most enthusiastic NASCAR fan would be horrified by the folsky-wisdom and sickly saccharine sentiments contained within the pages of Chicken Soup For The NASCAR Soul. We feel bad even putting the picture on the site.

And if you're not a NASCAR fan this is maybe the most insulting gift you can get. We can't say it better than Yurikaze:

"I felt bad that I almost threw up when I opened it. I thought it was a gag gift, but it turns out it was my well-intentioned aunt, who believed that since I enjoy driving on roadcourses and competing in drift competitions, would gain advice from a book targeted at Nascar fans. It's one of those things where you want to thank someone for the gift so they don't feel bad, but at the same time feel like doing so would be raping your own morality the lie would be so big."