The Jalopnik Guide To Giving Gifts To A Motorsports Nut

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Not only do you have to shop for a gift for a car enthusiast, but that car enthusiast is a member of a subset: He's a racing enthusiast.


If you get him NASCAR gear and he likes F1, you'll have a pouting race fan and the worst holiday season ever. But have no fear, because Jalopnik is here to save your gift giving day.

Motorsports enthusiasts are some of the most particular people you'll ever meet. If you get a Tony Stewart fan a Jeff Gordon hat, heads will roll. If you buy a McLaren fan a Ferrari shirt, you'll be burned at the stake. If your dad liked IndyCar racing in 1995 and you get him a DVD of the 1996 Indy 500, you've got a huge issue.


But fear not, there are a number of gifts you can give a racing fan without offending his sensibilities. Check out our recommendations in Kinja below and feel free to add your own.

Photo Credit: exfordy via flickr

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Travis Okulski

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