The Italians Are Coming! Fiat Announces Alfa Romeo's US Return

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The worst kept secret since Tony Soprano's day job has finally been confirmed when during Fiat's financial results conference call yesterday, CEO Sergio Marchionne confirmed the Italian invasion was about to re-commence. But here's the question — they've announced target return dates in the past, and every time they've fallen flat like a goombah dropped by a blackjack — what makes us wanna believe Sergio this time? Yeah, we know this time they're being clear about cementing the relationship between Maserati and Alfa Romeo by announcin' Maserati'll be the distribution network — should we be worried that it still won't happen? Well, grab a ticket to the Vatican and say a prayer for us — cause we sure as hell hope it happens.

FIAT CEO Sergio Marchionne confirms Alfa Romeo's return to the USA [Italiaspeed]

Fiat Plotting Alfa Romeo's Return to the US [internal]


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