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The Italian Grand Prix Still Uses A 1990s Ferrari Course Car

Illustration for article titled The Italian Grand Prix Still Uses A 1990s Ferrari Course Car

If you're like me, when you watched yesterday's thrilling F1 race, your first thought was "holy crap, Monza still uses a Ferrari 348 as a course car?"


Yes indeed, the legendary Autodromo Nazionale Monza has been using the same old Ferrari course car for the past few decades. Despite F1's high-tech image, if you keep a keen eye you can spot some of the sport's more down-to-earth moments in the form of obsolete course cars.

Top Gear scribe Sniff Petrol also thought this was rather silly, and tried (with difficulty) to imagine a more absurd course car the Italian Grand Prix could keep around.


My personal favorite old course car (that actually exists) is probably the old Tatra 613s that so famously broke Taki Inoue's leg at the Hungarian Grand Prix, but Monza having a car that predates the original NSX is pretty fantastic.

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The car was actually a gift from Gerhard Berger for saving his life. . .

This was discussed on Ferrarichat a few years ago -

"It is owned by CEA (the famous Cea lions), the italian private safety team operating on italian circuits especially during the F1 GP. This car was a gift of Gerhard Berger to that team, as thanks for the intervention that saved him his life during the Imola GP of 1989."