Wait, MotorWeek tested the Isuzu Vehicross? I love that car! How the hell did I not know this until now? This oversight will be corrected today.

Of course, MotorWeek starts their 1999 Vehicross test with the info we all care about most: how its zinc-coated steel body panels were made with ceramic stamping. Sweet.

But then Mr. Davis launches into a review of the Vehicross' downright reptilian styling, followed by a test of its Torque-On-Demand 4WD system. They found it to offer a "sporty" driving experience very much unlike that of truck-ish SUVs of its time. So what if it's insanely boring inside? This bad boy was way ahead of the curve.

Like -AMATEUR, I miss Isuzu's weird-ass amazeballs cars too. This is just one of many.