The Incredible Cars Of Supercar Sunday

Supercar Sunday is, fundamentally, a really simple idea: Get lots of great cars together in one place, then walk around and look at them. Why overcomplicate things?

Supercar Sunday is a weekly car show that takes place every Saturday (just kidding, it's Sunday) in Woodland Hills, CA. If you're anywhere nearby, it's absolutely worth visiting, especially on the last Sunday of the month, when it gets huge. I went the last Sunday of April to check it out, and it didn't disappoint.


Though it's called "Supercar" Sunday, the best part is how many of the cars were not supercars.

Sure, there's plenty of expensive exotics there, but there's also great stuff like a pristine 60s-vintage Fiat 500, a race prepped Volvo 544, various rat rods, a wildly rare Ford RS200, a Nash-Healey, what may be the oldest Audi in the US, and tons more.


I took a calibrated crapload of pictures of some of the more interesting stuff, so poke around the gallery and pretend you were with me that delightful Sunday morning, geeking out over the cars, talking to owners, maybe holding hands? Too far? OK then, how about brunch — maybe we went for brunch afterwards.

It's great that the car-loving culture is so strong that these shows can exist, with genuinely interesting cars, week after week. If you're around SoCal, show up, and if not, I bet there's great stuff around somewhere nearby. It's worth finding.


Enjoy the car porn!

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