And looking like this, ladies and gentlemen, is what convicted felon and famous Honda Civic Type R aficionado Martha Stewart would called "A Good Thing." This is technically the Honda Civic Type R Concept, but you can rest assured the production model will look a lot like this. At least for Europe.

How do we know that? Well basically it's because Honda was slinging a mule that looked pretty much just like this around the Nurburgring.

Sadly, the US probably still won't be getting Honda's version of a scorching hot hatch.

Honda has said that it will be blessed with at least 280 horses, which is more than a stock Honda Civic has any right to have. So I doubt it'll be met with any complaints from the hedonistic Brits that will mostly be driving this car.

To be honest, Civic Type R's of the past didn't really have the crazy go-fast looks that a car bearing the letter "R" ought to, but this new model has all the super-crazy looking stuff in spades.


Wheel-well vents? Check. Big diffuser? Check. Anti-aircraft cannon quad exhausts? Check. Wing big enough to lift a 747? Check. Front spoilers, side skirts, and haunches that belong on something costing at least over 100 grand? Check, check, check. Czech.

I really like it. But Honda hates America, so they won't sell it here. Either that, or they learned from the last hot Civic that they sold here, which barely anybody bought. But hey, there were reasons for that.

What do you think?

(h/t to CarScoops!)