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Los Angeles-area lawyer Bernard Laufer was busted by the shock troops of California Insurance Commisioner John Garamendi yesterday. Apparently, Laufer had a ring of lackeys of dubious moral fiber who would box unsuspecting drivers in on freeways, leading to an accident. Laufer would then take up the case, meaning free money for everyone!

Well, except for insurance ratepayers. Garamendi demonstrably displeased with Laufer's actions, saying "It is reprehensible to put people's lives at danger in the greedy pursuit of cash. Let this be a lesson today: if you commit a scam we will pursue you, catch you, and prosecute you to the fullest extent of the law." It also may be worth noting that the people involved in the scam generally hailed from our least-favorite area code in the nation: the current and former 909.

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