Clarkson: 'Leave Oisin Alone, None Of This Is His Fault'

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Just a day after being sacked by the BBC, Jeremy Clarkson was spotted riding his bike near his home. A mob of reporters stopped him to ask if he was worried about going to jail. Clarkson instead said people should leave Oisin Tymon, the producer he assaulted, alone. And he's right.


Clarkson may have been incredibly immature when he verbally and physically assaulted his producer over the lack of a good meal after a day of filming, but his reaction to it has been far more mature.

He reported the incident himself to the BBC and attempted to apologize to Tymon multiple times. Of course, none of that was ever going to change that hitting a subordinate is a terrible, awful thing that you should never do, but it was at least an attempt to make amends.

Now, people have come out on Twitter and probably every other social media outlet to proclaim that Tymon should have done his job better and Clarkson didn't deserve this sort of punishment for being a jackass.

Thankfully, Clarkson realizes that those people are totally wrong. The blame lies solely with him, not Tymon. Tymon didn't even report the incident to the BBC, Clarkson took his fate into his own hands.


So, if you think the BBC should have disciplined the man that got struck, well, you're just wrong. Clarkson's actions are what caused this, not the lack of a nice warm meal.


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Battery Tender Unnecessary

The guy is getting all the wrong ends of the stick, Clarkson hits him, Internet turns on him because they think he's the reason their favorite show is cancelled and ultimately he ends up in a questionable employment position due to something completely out of his control. The brunt of Internet Outrage is bad enough, but to have your boss berate you and hit you only to have that also put the job you love in limbo is just the worst.

I like Clarkson, I like him even more for standing up and making a statement to leave the guy alone. Who hasn't done something in the heat of the moment they regret later?