The Greatest (Jalopnik) T-Shirt Of All Time On Sale For Limited Time

Often while walking my marmoset I’ll be stopped on the street by a fan, frequently a priest, who will inquire as to the possibility of acquiring one of our fine Blipshift t-shirts. “Tough luck, Padre!” I’ll say, flipping them a nickel for their trouble. Alas, the shirt is back. And it’s freakin’ brown!


That’s right, Harris Lue’s classic “Smoking Permitted” Jalopnik t-shirt is back for a limited time only over on Blipshift’s site. Oh, and there’s a poster. Oh, and there are coasters for the first 500 buyers. Oh, and there are more retro shirts for sale.

If you’ve got the original blue shirt you clearly need a brown one. If you didn’t get them before they were gone, this is your chance to add to your collection.

Buy it now. Thank me later. Leave me and my marmoset to stroll in peace.

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