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Today at Jalopnik Word Headquarters Patrick found a great listing for a Fiat 616 Truck with Abarth livery heading to auction in the UK next week. Naturally, that got me thinking about my favorite Italian work vehicles; like this lovely Alfa Romeo "Romeo 2."

The Romeo 2 (apparently named by Alfa's Department of Redundancy Department), was made between 1954-1967. Alfa also made the spectacular A12/F12 vans which could be had with a Perkins diesel engine. My name is Perkins and I love Alfa Romeo, therefore this is the greatest car ever made.


There's something fantastic about a brand we associate with passion and flair like Fiat, Alfa, or Lancia making an honest simple work vehicle. So what say you Truck Yeah! commentariat? Show us your favorite Italian work vehicles in the comments!

Also, if anyone else knows where one can buy a truck like this in the US, please let me know. Jalopnik needs a support vehicle for our Lexus.

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

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