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The Grand Tour Logo Looks So Perfectly Fresh For 1987

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

You probably heard that BBC Top Gear exiles Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May have relocated to where they’ll host another car show called The Grand Tour. Now they’ve got themselves a logo that looks like it’s right off the back of your Mitsubishi Starion.


The logo leaked Monday on Reddit via a European trademark registration. Instead of trying to swim upstream against the churn of the rumormill, Amazon went ahead and confirmed/released the graphics.

As Richard Hammond posted on Facebook:

Right, well, that saves us the bother of thinking up a clever way to unveil our new show’s logo: It has leaked. Not in the way my Landie leaks oil or James May leaks if he laughs or goes on a trampoline, I mean leaks as in the secret is out.

Serves us right for trying to secure a European trademark. All things European proving a little tricky this week.


That confirms the logo some of you saw yesterday is legit. And that British people just can’t start a statement without “right.” (What’s up with that?)

Anyway I dig the aesthetic they’re running with. Very “/////TURBO.” Like a sticker that’d be on the fenders of some gloriously obsolete, well, grand touring car.

Not sure what’s to become of the duct-tape graphic Amazon had been running with earlier. That might have just been a placeholder.