This weekend, IndyCar heads to the butter smooth surface at Barber Motorsports Park. Last weekend’s street course at Long Beach, however, was a rough-and-tumble riot of a thing, and the series stuck a camera on Graham Rahal’s helmet that proves it. Come along for a wild ride.

Welcome to Onboard of the Week, a feature where we spend that pesky time between races looking at awesome footage from inside the car.

Long Beach may have ended in controversy, but this bumpy onboard video certainly shows how crazy it can get. Cars run at speed between two concrete walls, and then there’s that gorgeous fountain section that you definitely don’t want to hit.

As Racer points out in their excellent analysis (with pictures!), so many people blew the pit lane exit on this circuit—including unhappy runner-up Scott Dixon—that IndyCar’s lack of enforcement there had gotten out of hand regardless.

So, sit back and enjoy one last clip from Long Beach. This ride looks so rough, it looks like the world’s worst massage chair.

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