This is the new promotional video (and outstanding illustrations) for the 2014 Mercedes S-Class and it all makes no sense. But that's okay. Here's why.

This little film was shot by none other than Chris Kippenberger, the Most Interesting Man In Car Porn, along with HighSnobiety. Here's how he describes his own work:

I have no idea what the film is about - bout like traveling with models a lot!!!

I'm sure Kippenberger was sitting in some white leather five star hotel room grinning ear to ear under a floral print bucket hat as he wrote this. And if it's alright with Kippenberger, it's alright with me.


He also managed to get these absolutely fantastic illustrations done by Olka Osadzinska for the S-Class, too.

Click right here to download the banner in full size, and click 'Expand' to see all the detail images in full size as well.



Image Credits: Olka Osadzinska