BMW broke all our hearts a little bit in 2014 when it said that the sports car market was dying. But with the whole Toyota-Supra partnership and now a sparkling new Z4 concept at Monterey Car Week, we feel some retribution coming for those hurtful words spoken in the past.

A full set of images of the new Z4 concept appeared online today, courtesy of BMW forum Bimmerfile, according to Autocar (at the time of this writing, Bimmerfile appears to have taken down the page). They show a tremendously sleek and sharp BMW roadster and I can hardly contain myself.


See, after BMW said that really horrible thing in 2014, it made me wonder how it could still possibly push the whole “the ultimate driving machine” motto with a straight face. Yes, this Z4 is still just a concept, but I find hope in its low stance, snarling front spoiler and high-mounted tail lights.

We need this. We need more two-seater roadsters in the world.