The Glitz, The Glamor: The People Of The Gumball 3000!

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All manner of celebrities were there with me in the Green Zone at the Gumball 3000 opening ceremonies yesterday, but I live in a fortified survivalist compound in which the corrupting influence of television is prohibited and thus could identify just two famous individuals: ex-mayor Willie Brown and ex-star David Hasselhoff. Though Mr. Brown was quite gracious, most of the other Gumball players edged away from your correspondent like they'd just seen me rattling a can of gray primer and drawing a bead on their godzillion-dollar rides. The "fire-eating stripteasers" associated with the Donkey Frog Riviera had genuine integrity- the Ratt '84 tour shirts saw to that- but most of the other costumes seemed forced.


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@rearden_steel_1: "Like it or not these people are doing fun stuff with cars. Cars you and I can't afford - which is probably why most of you are bitching.

But these people are doing something cool with cars, that honestly keeps things open for the rest of us to pursue similar endeavors. If the organizers of the Gumball got approval from all the agencies in California and Nevada for this trip they did all of us a service."

You know, you could not be any further from the truth with your statement. I loath any of these types of gatherings, because of the way they are presented, and the types of people they attract. Does that mean I'm jealous because these people can do this? Not in you life.

There are other types of gatherings that I will attend, and they are just as exciting, but have a lot more in the way of class, a better mix of "the Beautiful People", less "in your face", and more of an appreciation of fine automobiles. On top of that, they are held in California as well (How about that?)

Of course I'm talking about the Monterrey Historic Races, and the Concourse de Elegance held at Pebble Beach. Rich music, fine wine, beautiful machinery, and most importantly, well behaved, classy people. You won't find people attending any of these events in scruffy beards, backwards baseball caps, blaring out (C)Rap or Techno, or having a vehicle in attendance with a big dildo on the hood.