I ran into Volkswagen Belgium's Flickr page at random and got amazed how they partied at Spa-Francorchamps for 25 hours in 2011.

One-make series are all about fun, be that with Trabants or beefed up Land Rover Defenders. But it turns out Volkswagen does it better in Western-Europe. The car you see above shares a single component with a standard Beetle. Yes, it's the windshield. Welcome to the Fun Cup!

In 2011, Spa became home to the 25 Hours VW Fun Cup. I'll get to the race cars in a second, but first, check out this fleet of pace cars:

Not bad, right?

The Fun Cup Series started in Belgium in 1997 by a touring car veteran, with rather simple rules to follow. The cars are mostly identical, tube-steel frame Beetle replicas with fiberglass bodies and a 2.0-liter VW engine in the middle. They run on E85 and the rear wheels are driven via a sequential gearbox. 150 horsepower, race brakes and fully adjustable suspension. That's the kit.

There are national series competed in the UK, Belgium, France, Spain, Italy, Germany and the Canary Islands, but the pinnacle event of the season is the 25 Hours at Spa, a very challenging endurance race where two drivers share the car instead of three like in Le Mans.

We love it, because racecar.

Photo credit: Volkswagen Belgium