What Great Car Was Actually Terrible On The Track?

A big V12 engine, an enormous board for a wing, and the fattest tires this side of an open-pit mine should make for a fantastic, beautifully balanced track car. Except the Lamborghini Countach was, by all accounts, the complete, total opposite of that.


And that's something that can actually happen from time to time. Don't get me wrong, the Countach's failings on the track don't take away at all from it being considered a great car. It's just not the first thing you think of when you imagine someone taking on Eau Rouge at full throttle.

Which isn't to say no one took it racing. Just that it wasn't exactly a terrifying race monster.

But there are plenty of cars that were great in every way, except for how they were when it came time to hit the track. Which other cars were totally amazing, and yet totally terrible when it came to actual track driving?

Photo credit: Brian Snelson

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