The Four-Cylinder Jaguar F-Type Sounds Pretty Good Too

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The Jaguar F-Type is by far one of the greatest-sounding cars currently on the market. Both the V8 and the V6 versions scream, snarl, crackle and cackle. And the newly announced four-cylinder version sounds pretty damn good, too.

If you find the F-Type R or the F-Type SVR a little out of your price range and you don’t want the V6, this new base model F-Type might be the one for you. Starting at $59,000, it has 296 horsepower that will surely accomplish most things in life. Like walking your dog. Visiting the dentist. Graduating from business school.


In fact, I think I hear a little Ford Focus RS in there.

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Sampsonite24-Earth's Least Likeliest Hero

its still only 1500 cheaper than the v6, at that point youd be stupid not to get the bigger engine