The Ford Focus RS Drift Mode Is Super Easy To Use

For all their fancy all-wheel drive gizmos, the new 2016 Ford Focus RS boasts one thing the other hot hatchbacks just don’t have: it has a mode that basically lets it drift on command. And it turns out it’s really easy to use.


Our own Máté Petrány just tested the new Focus RS in Spain, and you’ll read his full review of the car later this afternoon. (Spoiler alert: it’s really freaking good.) In the meantime, whet your appetite with this short video that shows Drift Mode at work.

Drift Mode is electronic magic that transfers more power to the back wheels. It also softens the dampers and steering to make it easier to catch the slide. Simply turn it on and watch the Focus RS channel its inner Ken Block Mustang, effortlessly. Watch Máté (or someone, it’s unclear who the professional (?) drifting b-roll is of) get this thing sideways like he’s going out for a kebab.

Wanna know more? Stay tuned for our review. And if you end up in a Focus RS soon, keep it out of a ditch.

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