The Floating Car That Could Have Brought Isuzu Glory

Some might argue the amphibious automobile went the way of the dodo when the Amphicar exited stage left. Others would cite the glorious Tang Hua Detroit Fish. But for the most part, combined land-and-sea transportation has been a lean market lately. If only some executive had had the foresight to green light the 1991 Isuzu Nagisa concept, Isuzu might have had an amphibious lineup ready for the free-spending dot com millionaires when they arrived. As was the mantra in the mid-'90s, the sky would have been the limit.


Web trawling reveals precious little of the sleek hulled Nagisa other than creepy Japanese anime. it was a concept that probably never made it off the drawing board, but just imagine! Isuzu branded speed boats with wheels, barges that could double as semi trucks, kei boats, truck-boat trucks! So sad. Really, they could have just released the car into the market and it would have done well even if it didn't float. Just look at the compeitition. I mean, Detroit was still building the Dodge Daytona in 1991. [via Dieseno-Art]

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