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The first privately-owned Lexus LFA attacks Road Atlanta

Any Lexus LFA is a fascinating, if controversial, work of ultra-tech and corporate pride. This particular one is even better: it's chassis #003, the first available to the public. You've seen it before, but it's even better on the move.


The first half of the clip, shot and edited by eighteen-year-old prodigy Zak Kerbelis, dotes on the sublime details of the LFA — of which there are many (those mirrors!). Fantastic detail work may be the abiding legacy of Japanese styling efforts: the LFA's overall shape may not be the most classically beautiful, but the subtleties and intricacies are amazing.


That overall shape does clean up nicely when put in motion, especially in a proper setting like Road Atlanta's brutally fast confines. Less disputed is the sensual pleasure of the V10's exhaust note, likewise included for our gratification. Forged Performance, who made the gorgeous GT-R for the LFA's owner, assures us that this particular sound effect is heard on a regular basis; this may be the first of its kind, but it gets used as intended.

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Whatever - that's just a dressed up Camary.