The First Car Designed In Uruguay Was An Air-Cooled West German Wagon

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A sporty three-door station wagon, to be exact. And what a car the NSU P10 was!

Nordex SA's car assembly plant builds everything nowadays from Indian Mahindra pickups to Peugeot sedans, Renault trucks and Geely hatchbacks coming from China. It's these manufacturers's ticket to America, sort of. But the company started with assembly kits of the West German NSU Prinz back in 1963. They even had the Sportprinz over there!

They also switched to the more powerful Prinz 1000 after the first few month and from there, it took only a couple of more steps until they ended up with Uruguay's first car, the P6. While they made about 400 of these air-cooled wagons using the smaller engine, the P10 soon followed with the 1,000 cc two-cylinder and a 8.2 inches larger wheelbase.


Yet after 1970 - despite occasionally kicking Soviet butt during the World Cup in Mexico - production had to come to an end because NSU was bought by Volkswagen and the supply of those headlamps and air-cooled powerplants dried up for good.

Nordex switched to building French cars before welcoming Chevrolet in Uruguay with the Chevette in 1983.

Photo credit: Wiki Commons and AP Photo