If you ever find yourself behind the wheel of a Ferrari 312PB, you better not blink because you might find yourself a lot further ahead than where you thought.

The 312PB is the last of Ferrari's factory-backed sports prototype cars, and one of its most successful. It won every race it entered in the 1972 season, though it wasn't entered in Le Mans due to doubts of its reliability. It's basically a Formula 1 car with a wider body, sharing the same 3 Liter Flat-12(!) and cockpit.

This video from our friends over at Petrolicious features an ex-Ferrari works 312PB owned by a Mr. Steven Read being thrashed at Willow Springs. Read thinks it's the most ergonomic car he's owned, which at first seems like a bit of a ridiculous way to describe a Ferrari prototype sports car, but actually makes a lot of sense. The shifter and steering wheel are so close, you only need to move your wrists to drive the car. See? Ergonomic!

Just don't blink and everything will be ok.