The Fascinating World Of Tiny Trucks Driving Through Tiny Cities

Imagine a world, all your own creation, in which you could spend all day driving the big rigs of your dreams. You'd be like a towering truck driver God, free-wheeling master of all you can see, in your basement.

YouTube user Jordani410's uploaded a bewildering number of videos to his My Tiny World channel, all featuring a variety of tiny R/C trucks driving around a tabletop town. They drive around corners, park in parking spaces, pickup and drop off trailers and generally go about the day-to-day life of whirring through all the duties a truck driver is expected to perform. You have to be impressed by the myriad forms man's obsession with things automotive can take.

Check out the mastery of mini truck maneuvering demonstrated on a Deko Tora rig in this video. The hours invested not only to create these models and these streets, but to learn how to drive them with such precisions, well, it's mind boggling. [YouTube]


Thanks for the tip, Danny.

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