The Family That Drives BMW E28s Together Stays Together

BMW E28s are beautiful because they were designed by Claus Luthe, father of the Ro80, and great to drive because, well, they are old BMWs. The Caccavo family is clearly in love with them.


The always brilliant Petrolucious introduces their latest video with the following:

More than twenty years ago, Dean and DonnaRae Caccavo made a pact: they agreed that they'd never spend more than $10,000 on a single car. Over two-plus decades and through much inflation, they've kept this promise to the present day. Has this meant a life of limping jalopies and calls for roadside assistance? Far from it.

Well, having an original M5 with a stroker motor as a reliable daily driver sounds like a dream come true for sure. Not to mention the added bonus of seeing the next generation taking on the passion, becoming good at driving while developing the right attitude towards car ownership.

And mom? Well, she gets respect for having the cleanest and nicest E28 in the family. High five!

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