The Faces of the World's Honda Civics

This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here. brilliantly juxtaposed all of the global versions of Honda's new-generation Civic, the European, North American and Japan models. The point of the exersize being to highlight the subtle "facial" differences in each version, "tuned," as it were, to each market — as if the company had performed a psychological study on each region's populace. The European version is the most radical, stylistically, with the North American model the most conservative, and the Japanese design aiming for an aggressive but yet still recognizable look. At least that's what our grade-three Spanish skills revealed. Hopefully we didn't get the whole thing backward.

Las tres o cuatro caras del Honda Civic 2006 []

Details, Details: Honda's 2006 Civic [internal]


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