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The DS 6WR Is Citroën's China-Bound SUV

Illustration for article titled The DS 6WR Is Citroëns China-Bound SUV

Following last year's DS Wild Rubis Concept, Citroën is going to unveil its next big news at the Beijing Auto Show, the DS 6WR SUV created with mostly the Chinese market in mind.


The production version is sadly much less exciting than the concept was, and when it comes to the powertrain, we're looking at the 1.6 turbo four tuned to either 160 or 200 horsepower, linked to a six-speed automatic transmission. Citroën's premium SUV also lacks four-wheel drive, but has 'Grip Control' instead to make sure those 19-inch wheels can get through a bit of snow or mud.

The DS 6WR will be the third DS model to be built in China. It will be introduced there by end of the year, with Europe expected to follow in 2015.

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Congrats,'ve made a Nissan Rogue.